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Perry Private Collection of Inuit Art

Dr. Harold Perry Jr. was professor emeritus and former chairman of the orthodontic department at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. Although Dr. Perry's ancestors emigrated from Canada in the 1800s, his family always maintained a deep connection to the North. As a boy in the 1930s, Harold traveled to Canada with his family, developing a strong interest in aboriginal cultures which continued into his adult life. Dr. Perry studied native cultures, artifacts, and archaeology in depth. 

In the 1960's, Dr. Perry and his wife Lynn traveled extensively throughout arctic and subarctic Canada to learn more about the Inuit people and their culture. Each trip included stop overs in Winnipeg, Toronto, or Montreal where the Perry's were introduced to the great galleries of Inuit art including Galerie D'Art Esquimau in Montreal and the Harris Gallery in Toronto. Both of these galleries played significant roles in helping them curate this important and eclectic collection.

Collection highlights include Musk Ox carvings by Simon Qamanirq and Seepie Ipeelie (2904-2000), transformational sculptures by Jacob Tumic (b. 1917) and Johnny Kavik (b. 1943), a Mother with Baby preparing Arctic Char by the great Aisa Qupirualu Alasua (1916-2003), and a sculpture of Inuks (Men) Playing Stick Pull Game by Manasie Akpaliapik (b. 1955).

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