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Hanson Private Collection: Session II


Over a forty year period, Richard Hanson of Washington State acquired these amazing works with a discerning eye and a great love of Indigenous arts. The collection is eclectic, with works ranging from Kachinas and Pottery from the Southwest to Baskets and Carving from Alaska and the Northwest Coast, each piece is truly unique and highly collectable.

Session II features Southwest Pottery, Hopi Kachina Carvings, and Fine Art. HIghlights include pottery works by Grace Medicine Flower, Dora Tse-Pe, Blue Corn, Lucy Lewis, Goldenrod, Federica Antonio, and the Nampeyo Family, Kachinas by Kerry David, Edward Seechoma, and Roland Bahnimptewa.

Special Feature: Original painting titled "Woman Grinding Corn" by renowned Santa Clara Pueblo artist Helen Hardin (1943-1984)

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