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Micacious Clay Pot by Robert Vigil, Nambe Pueblo

Micacious Clay Pot by Robert Vigil, Nambe Pueblo

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Micacious Clay Pot with Avanyo Design
by Robert Vigil, Nambe Pueblo
incised clay
3.5" high x 3.5" diameter

Robert Vigil is a potter from Nambé Pueblo. He works the traditional Nambé way and typically produces pottery with a glittering micaceous slip.

He first learned how to hand coil pottery when he was in school in Texas but after returning to Nambé in 1990, he studied with Virginia Gutierrez, Lonnie Vigil and San Ildefonso Pueblo potter Juan Tafoya.

Robert generally makes micaceous-slipped vases, jars, bowls and figures. He fires them to be either black or golden with fire clouds. Seldom have I seen a golden piece with no fire clouds. At times he'll add some light carving, some sgraffito or some corrugation. He also sometimes makes beautiful polished redware. He prefers simple shapes and styles and very seldom will he make anything big.

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