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Seed Pot with Lizard by Avelia and Anderson Peynetsa, Zuni Pueblo

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Seed Pot with Dimensional Lizard, 1998
by Avelia and Anderson Peynetsa, Zuni Pueblo
clay, pigment
4 5/8" high x 3 5/8" diameter

Avelia and Anderson Peynetsa, are married in life.  Anderson and Avelia also collaborate on pottery making, too. When they work in partnership, they sign AA Peynetsa.  Individually, Anderson and Avelia have each won many prizes—Santa Fe Indian Market Zuni Show, Museum of Northern Arizona, and Eight Northern Indian Pueblo Shows.

Anderson Peynetsa (b.1964) was one of the star students who learned pottery making from Jennie Laate, the high school arts teacher at Zuni.  He entered her class in 8th grade, progressing through the beginning, intermediate and advanced courses.  Today, Anderson is among the best contemporary Zuni pottery painters. He is noted for his "precise, flowing lines." He also is an excellent sculptor, applying relief figures as noted onto some of his pottery.  He signs his individual works as A. Peynetsa.  He is an active ca. 1980s to the present: traditional black-on-redware, polychrome seed pots, jars, ollas, bowls, canteens, duck effigy pots. Anderson Peynetsa is the son of Charles and Wilma Peynetsa; bother of Agnes Peynetsa and Priscilla Peynetsa; husband of Avelia Peynetsa; father of Ashley Peynetsa.

Avelia Peynetsa (b.1964) is the great-granddaughter of the famous potter, Catalina Zunie.  She also attended Jennie Laate’s ceramic classes at Zuni High School.  Avelia Peynetsa, Zuni Pueblo, active ca. 1980s: black-on-redware; polychrome jars, bowls, seed pots, effigy pots, frogs, ducks. Avelia Peynetsa is the great-granddaughter of Catalina Zunie; wife of Anderson Peynetsa; mother of Ashley Peynetsa. Avelia learned pottery making from Jennie Laate.   

Reference: Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

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