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Wedding Vase by Grace Navasie, Hopi-Tewa

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Wedding Vase with Geometric Design
by Grace Navasie, Hopi-Tewa
clay, pigment
8" high x 5" wide x 4.25" deep

Born into the world of the Hopi-Tewa in 1953, Grace Navasie is the daughter of Joy Navasie, aka 2nd Frogwoman. Grace's grandmother was Paqua Naha, aka 1st Frogwoman. Grace grew up watching and working with her mother and grandmother as they made pottery. She started making pottery on her own around 1980 but her mother was still painting designs for her. By 1990, Grace was fully on her own.

Grace still lives in the village of Polacca at the foot of First Mesa. She has always stayed true in making the shapes and forms of pottery she learned from her mother and grandmother. She has also stayed with using the white-slip process that has made her family famous.

Like her mother and grandmother, Grace signs her pieces using a frog hallmark, except she adds a "G" to denote herself.

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