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Storyteller with Three Children by Stella Teller, Isleta Pueblo

Storyteller with Three Children by Stella Teller, Isleta Pueblo

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Storyteller with Three Children
by Stella Teller, Isleta Pueblo
clay, pigment
3 3/5" high x 3" wide x 4" deep

The Teller Family has been recognized by many collectors, galleries, museums and publications for the high quality and beauty of their work. Over the years Stella and her daughters have all received recognition with awards from such shows as the Heard Museum, Indian Market in Santa Fe, Gallup Ceremonials and in publications like New Mexico Magazine, Arizona Highways, Southwestern Pottery, Talking With The Clay, and Talking With the Clay-The Art of Pueblo Pottery in the 21st Century and Pueblo Stories and Storytellers to name a few.

Born, raised and still living in Isleta Pueblo is the matriarch of her family.  With a background in accounting and hairdressing she began painting ceramics in the early 1960's, as a means to provide extra income for a family of seven.  Shortly thereafter, she decided to revive her family's method of traditional pottery making.  Searching areas of the pueblo used by her parents to locate the materials needed to fulfill the process was the beginning of a full time passion.   For over 48 years now Stella has challenged herself with every hand coiled piece of pottery, vessels, figurines, and nativities she has made.  Starting with designs of traditional Isleta colors of red, black on white and ultimately through years of experimentation has developed a signature style all her own, with the blue, grayish hues on white with turquoise beads or stone accents.  To the educated collector these colors are always recognizable as "Stella Teller pottery."  She also has made works in browns, cremes and peach colors, all derived from natural clays and pigments.  From the beginning Stella has always taken pride and infuses a part of her heart and soul in her creations and has passed on this philosophy to her daughters.

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