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Soapstone Eagle Carving by Eddie Omnik (1950-2009)

Soapstone Eagle Carving by Eddie Omnik (1950-2009)

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Eagle Carving, c. 1980
by Eddie Omnik (1950-2009), Inupiaq
Point Hope, Alaska
Soapstone with etched design

7” high x 2.5” wide x 2.5” deep

Eddie was a highly skilled Inupiaq soapstone artist, born in Point Hope, Alaska in 1950. He was taught to carve at an early age by his parents, who were also masterful stone carvers.

Eddie’s natural artistic ability and unique carving style led him to be considered a master carver by his peers. Eddie shared his love and knowledge for carving with many artists over the years, all who credit him as one of their largest inspirations. His carvings can be found in private art collections around the world.

Eddie passed away in 2009 due to his failing health, after living in and around Seattle for a number of years and stoking his career and identity as a talented artist. Many of his works were created from stone hand quarried by Eddie in Washington State. His favorite animals to carve were walrus, seals, halibut, salmon, polar bears, and people.

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