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Musk Ox, c. 1980 by Nuveeya Ipellie (1920-2010)

Musk Ox, c. 1980 by Nuveeya Ipellie (1920-2010)

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Musk Ox, c. 1980
by Nuveeya Ipellie (1920-2010)
Kimmirut (Lake Harbour), Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada
7” high x 11” long x 4” deep

Nuveeya Ipellie was born on June 20, 1920, in Kimmirut (Lake Harbour), Baffin Island, Nunavut. He has resided in Iqaluit since 1945, but has also lived in Pangnirtung and Cape Dorset.

Nuveeya is known primarily for his carvings of musk-oxen, made out of the finest serpentine of varying green shades, with the fur blowing in the wind, caribou antlers, and ivory inset eyes. He always indicates the contrasting textures of the outer and inner wool by polishing the upper parts, and leaving rough the fringe of the fur at the bottom part of the musk-ox. Nuveeya also makes lovely human figures, as well as walrus and whales. Another passion of his is to create jewellery.

Nuveeya is the father of Seepee Ipeelie, and the grandfather of Jomie Ipeelie, both of whom are talented carvers with the same preference for depicting musk-oxen, each in his own style.

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