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Motsin Kachina by Edward Seechoma, Hopi

Motsin Kachina by Edward Seechoma, Hopi

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Motsin Kachina
by Edward Seechoma, Hopi
cotton wood, pigment
10" high x 4" wide x 4" deep

“Motsin, the Disheveled Kachina, is appearing less frequently for his function is to enforce attendance in community work parties.  One of the main forms of community work is the cleaning out of the springs, and these have, for the most part, been supplanted by water systems.  However, he does appear in ceremonies such as the Powamu or Palölökongti.  He carries the tools for enforcement of his desires.  This kachina can appear in white, as shown here, but he is usually black faced.  One of the most characteristic marks used to be his appearance in a striped shirt, but over the years the sale of these shirts has disappeared.  Now he comes in any convenient shirt.” 

- From the Book Kachinas: A Hopi Artist's Documentary by Barton Wright, 1973

Edward Seechoma is from the village of Hotevilla at Third Mesa and is a well known carver, proficient in both the traditional and contemporary methods. His action oriented carvings can take years to complete and often fetch thousands of dollars.

His traditional carvings are also highly sought after for many reasons. Edward is one of the few carvers who adheres to the "old" methods - using antique horseshoe files, all-natural pigments, and of course hand-tying all his feathers. Ed's work could be considered "the traditionalist's traditional."

His work can be found in some of the most prestigious galleries and museums in the Southwest, including the Wheelright Museum, New Mexico and The Heard Museum, Arizona.




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