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Modernist Hinged Bracelet by Sigi Piñeda, Mexico

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Modernist Hinged Bracelet in Silver Pearl Design, c. 1950
by Sigi Piñeda, Taxco, Mexico
sterling silver
7" around inside dimension x 1 1/8" wide
mint condition

provenance: Collection of Stuart and Cindy Hodosh, California

Now in his 90's, Sigi Piñeda developed his own style leaning toward the modernist designs of the 1950's and 60's. He approached a more international flavor to his work, unlike his contemporaries and predecessors who were exploring symbolic Mexican themes. Sigi's version of organic modernism was inspirational in developing and establishing a new design sensibility, Mexican modernism, adding to the established Mexican art vocabulary.

The Mexican Modernist Movement, is a testimonial to the vitality and versatility of Taxco jewelers and metalsmiths; and to their importance on the international stage of silver design. The singularity of Sigi's style is so distinct that everyone can identify his work, and often, people say of similar designs that this piece of jewelry has the "Sigi Look".

Sigi has worked with jewelry from his early childhood to the present. Early on he worked in the shop of renowned Taxco jeweler and designer William Spratling. There, ne not only learned valuable technical skills, but also business savvy, which inspired him to open his on workshop. In his middle years, he took a hiatus form the art world, after suffering injuries sustained in an automobile crash. Returning to the world of art in his later years, with vigor, fresh inspiration and artistic passion, he created sophisticated, one of a kind, pieces, as only seasoned artisans are able to do.


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