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Miniature Redware Bowl by Goldenrod, Santa Clara Pueblo

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Miniature Redware Bowl with Avanyu
by Goldenrod (Gloria Garcia), Santa Clara Pueblo
redware, turquoise inlay
1 1/4" high x 2" diameter

Santa Clara Pueblo potter Gloria “Goldenrod” Garcia was born in 1942. She was taught the fundamentals of pottery making using the ancient traditional ways by members of her Pueblo.

Goldenrod specializes in hand coiled and sgraffito seed jars. She hand polishes and hand etches her designs without the use of any stencils. Gloria gathers her raw clumps of clay, volcanic ash, and natural vegetation. She breaks down the clumps of clay and the volcanic ash into a fine powder form and hand mixes it with water to produce a fine medium, once that has been obtained Her work features a variety of designs such as horses, buffalo, corn maidens, Avanyu (water serpent), butterflies, rain clouds, deer, bear, bear paws and redwing blackbirds. Goldenrod completes the pottery process by using a traditional outdoor firing. She signs her pottery: Goldenrod. She is related to John Garcia (husband), Jason Garcia, John David Garcia, Jr (sons) and Petra Gutierrez (mother).

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