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Huichol Yarn Painting, Mexico

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Huichol Yarn Painting
Nayarit, Mexico
yarn, beeswax, wood
15.5" diameter x 1" deep

Painting depicts:
deer: messenger of the gods
bird: freedom
shaman: medicine men 
peyote flowers: utilized in all ceremonies
corn: health and prosperity
serpent: god of the ocean
sun: power
candles: offering to the gods

The Huichol are an indigenous culture who live removed from modern society in the remote mountainous area of the Sierra Madres in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Huichol Indians exist in a culture that is steeped in spirituality and sacred rituals. They rely upon and strive to be one with nature, and even refer to themselves as the “mirrors of the Gods.” 

Their artwork allows them to express their reverence, relationship, and interdependence with nature including earth, water, fire, and air. Each distinctive piece of embroidered bead or yarn appliqué, is made by applying brightly colored yarn to a board, or beads to a form, using natural tree resin and beeswax as glue. Using very complex color design, each piece tells a historical or mythical story or depicts the Peyote culture of the Shamans. The personal style of each artisan can be seen in many of the common themes found including deer, scorpions, arrows, maize (corn), the Peyote cactus, and even the eyes of the Gods.

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