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Historic Hopi Long Hair Kachina, c. 1940

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Long Hair Kachina, c. 1940
Hopi Pueblo
cottonwood, feathers, pigment
5.5” h x 2.5” w x 1.5” d

Provenance: Collection of Dan and Lois Mroz, Phoenix, AZ and Portland, OR

The Longhair Kachina is a provider of rain to the Hopi villages. They arrive in groups, often accompanied by Yellow or White Corn Maidens. They sing beautiful melodies for all, carrying optimistic themes and messages encouraging living life to its fullest. A true beacon of positivity, Longhairs are cherished as favorites among the Hopi Katsinam.

In addition to raising spirits by way of song, Longhair Katsinam perform a dance that usually brings a pleasant rainfall to nourish the earth and help crops to grow.

Their appearance is largely symbolic of their role in society. Their long, flowing hair and beards, are representative of the rain they inspire to fall. 

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