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Hare Fetish by Dan Quam, Zuni

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Hare Fetish
by Dan Quam, Zuni
serpentine, turquoise inlays

1.5” high 1.5” long x 1” wide

Dan Quam is a highly regarded and sought after carver who specializes in making intricate and detailed wolves, mountain lions, bobcats, and eagles among other animals. Dan often uses picasso marble to create his wonderful naturalistic and realistic fetishes. He also uses jadite, marble and fish rock serpentine.

Dan and his half brothers, Wilfred, Lance, and Fabian are well known Zuni carvers who live at Zuni Pueblo. Dan started carving intricate, contemporary carvings in the early 1980s. Dan has helped to significantly direct Zuni fetish carving towards a realistic look.  Dan recently passed away. 

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