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Dragonfly Kachina by Larin Nasafotie, Hopi Pueblo

Dragonfly Kachina by Larin Nasafotie, Hopi Pueblo

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Dragonfly Kachina
Larin Nasafotie, Polacca, Hopi Pueblo
cottonwood, pigment
14” x 6” x 4”

*as is, clean break repaired on right wing

Larin Nasafotie is from First Mesa (Polacca) Arizona. He has been carving Katsinam for approximately twelve years. He has done a variety of carving styles, but prefers sculptures. He finds the twists and knots the most challenging and interesting to work with and around. He likes to emphasize the natural wood coloring and, in fact, collectors view it as his trademark. Larin uses the character of each piece of wood to expand how he carves the Katsinam, and then he uses color to emphasize the shapes of the wood. 

Larin signs his Katsinam "Nasaavti" and carves five stars into and around his signature. The five stars represent the five worlds of the Hopi. The Hopi believe that they are in the fourth world. Larin believes there is a fifth world, and that is what awaits the Hopi when they leave here. 

"I enjoy what I do, and I am always pleased to see the Katsinam in peoples' homes and galleries. Thank you." - Larin Nasafotie

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