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Chancay Pottery Vessel with Jaguar, pre 1900’s

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Chancay Pottery Vessel with Jaguar, pre 1900’s
Mid-Coastal Peru
clay, pigment
7.5” high x 6” wide x 6” deep

The Chancay culture (1200-1450 A.D.) reigned mainly in the valleys of Chancay and Chillon on the middle coast of Peru. In the early 15th century the Chimú state conquered parts of southern Chancay area, and round about the year 1450 the Incas occupied both areas.

Ceramics are a very common feature of the Chancay culture. This pottery has been found mainly in the Ancon and Chancay valleys. The Chancay civilization produced ceramics on a large scale using moulds, as well as open vessels, uniquely created by artisans, have been found.

The Chancay created ceramics with a rough matt surface that was later painted with a dark color, usually black or sienna brown, on top of a lighter cream or white background. Important vessels would be decorated with relief figures of animals, humans, or mystical creatures.

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