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Bowhead Whale Bowl by Tim Motchman, Canadian

Bowhead Whale Bowl by Tim Motchman, Canadian

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Bowhead Whale Bowl, 2015
by Tim Motchman, Canadian
hand carved yellow cedar
7" high x 31" wide x 11" deep

“I am a self-taught woodcarver, living on the coast of British Columbia. I create sculptures inspired by nature and the beauty of the coast. I have taught my eyes, hands, fingers and muscles to work together with the wood to bring my carvings to life.”

“I am influenced by the creatures, life, and beauty I encounter in my daily activities. Birds on the beach, whales or dolphins swimming by, loons calling, kelp flowing in the tide. The world around me is what influences me and guides my art. I am an artist trying to express my love and appreciation for the world around me.”

“Each day I strive to make the best possible carving that I am capable of. I keep in mind that some one is going to have this carving for years, and it needs to be the very best I can do.” - Tim Motchman

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