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Snow Owl Carving by Bryan Amos, Cup'ig

Snow Owl Carving by Bryan Amos, Cup'ig

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Snow Owl Carving, 2023
by Bryan Amos, Cup’ig Culture
wood, pigment
10.5” high x 11.5” wide x 10” deep

This carving was inspired by the traditional spirit masks of Nunivak Island. The central figure of the spirit mask represents a “spiritual universe” or ellanguaq where animal spirit beings dwell. The artist has taken the central figure of a spirit mask, and created a contemporary sculptural carving. This piece represents a snow owl in its actual form.

Bryon Amos Artist Statement

“My father was Walter Amos (1920-2002). He was a driftwood mask maker, ivory mask maker, harpoon maker, and boat builder. My mother was Nona Amos (1926-2003). She was a basket weaver and created traditional regalia out of fur and sealskin, such as mukluks and seal gut parkas.

I create art in honor of my father and mother.

I was born on Nunivak Island in Mekoryuk, Alaska. I have been a driftwood mask and figure maker, and walrus ivory and stone carver for over 45 years.” - Bryon Amos, 2023

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