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Argillite Carving depicting Dogfish (Shark) by Lionel Samuels, Haida

Argillite Carving depicting Dogfish (Shark) by Lionel Samuels, Haida

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Carving depicting Dogfish (Shark) with Eagle and Beaver Crests
by Lionel Samuels, Haida First Nation
hand carved argillite

9" high x 3" wide x 1.5" deep

Lionel Samuels was born in Haida GwaiiThe Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia. He is the grandson of a famous Haida carver, Captain Andrew Brown. His Haida family crest is Raven.

Lionel Samuels began to sculpt at seven years of age with the guidance of    George Yeltache. He apprenticed with several well-known carvers and began sculpting Argillite professionally and featuring his work in major galleries in British Columbia at the age of twenty. 

The materials that Lionel designs and carves are silver, wood and argillite. The stone Argillite is his material of choice, it is a black volcanic, carbonaceous shale found at Slatechuck Creek in Haida Gwaii.  Argillite becomes smooth and shiny giving it a rich black color after being carved.  Using argillite as his creative medium Lionel carves plates with incised designs, totem poles, pendants and earrings in the form of animals, pipes, and small boxes.  Lionel creates larger sculptured figures inspired by Haida mythological and spiritual creatures (Ravens, Frogs, Dogfish, Eagles, Killer Whales, and Sea Monsters).  He is inspired by the Haida stories of his Grandfather, Grandmother, and his ancestors.

Lionel Samuel’s most recent Argillite sculptures have been shown in the magazine American Indian Art.  His sculptures are individual and refined in their rich symbolism and intricately detailed three-dimensional design.

Lionel transforms traditional Haida motifs and designs in Argillite in to original contemporary sculptures.  Lionel has created and restores historical Haida Argillite sculptures for the Smithsonian Musuem in Washington and the Royal British Musuem in Victoria.

Lionel’s Argillite sculptures are eagerly sought after by avid international collectors.  His work is recognized in North America and Europe.  His sculptures are presently being shown in galleries in Oregon, Seattle, San Francisco, Victoria, and Vancouver. 

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