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Small Canteen with Mimbres Deer Design, Acoma Pueblo

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Canteen with Mimbres Deer Design
Acoma Pueblo
clay, pigment
3.25” high x 3” wide x 2.5” deep

The pottery of Acoma is strongly recognized for fluted rims, thin walls and geometric design. Potters of the pueblo implement similar techniques found in the local region, from collecting of the clay material from limited sources, forming the vessel for specific use, decorating with patterns and design by hand, to firing the pot at high temperature.

These pots were traditionally hand-coiled, with hand-mixed clay and custom slip. Traditional designs include rainbow bands, parrots, and deer; or a black and brown motif with geometric pattern and impressively accurate fine lines. Though rare, some potters chose not to use the traditional white slip, using the natural red clay color as the focal point.

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