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Palhik Mana (Butterfly Girl) Dancer by Eugene Dallas, Hopi

Palhik Mana (Butterfly Girl) Dancer by Eugene Dallas, Hopi

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Palhik Mana (Butterfly Girl) Dancer
by Eugene Dallas, Hopi
cotton wood, pigment
11" high x 5" wide x 6" deep

Palhik Mana is a Butterfly Maid, not a Katsina, but a woman dancer. Though at the dances the Butterfly Maid is not masked or hooded, she generally appears this way when carved as a doll. She appears in August, as that is when the butterflies appear. The Butterfly Dance, a traditional social dance of the Hopi, is held in August after the gathering of the harvest and presentation of the Snake Dance. It is a thanksgiving dance for the harvest, chiefly for the corn crop and features dancing by young Hopi maidens wearing elaborate headdresses.


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