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Large Storage Basket by Louise Goings, Cherokee

Large Storage Basket by Louise Goings, Cherokee

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Large Storage Basket
by Louise Goings, Cherokee Nation
white oak with walnut and blood root dyes
11" high x 13" diameter (at widest point)

Louise Goings is an outstanding basket weaver from the Birdtown community.  Louise began making baskets when she was nine, just taking the scrap pieces from her mother Emma Taylor’s baskets and made small tray baskets with them.

As basketry runs in Louise’s family it was natural for her to learn by observing her mother.  Louise works with maple, river cane, white oak and honeysuckle to create her baskets even though she prefers white oak.  Louise feels our lives are woven like a basket to ensure our values of culture continue to exist.

She has won numerous awards at the Cherokee Fall Festival as well as the 2016 Jennifer Easton Community Spirit Award along with her husband Luther "Butch" Goings.  Most of all she treasures the ones she has received for community and cultural works.  Louise has taught many students over the years and is currently mentoring her granddaughter Lauren Goings, Tara McCoy, and Tonya Carrol.

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