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Wolf Fetish by Leonard Halate (1914-2001), Zuni

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Wolf Fetish
by Leonard Halate (1914-2001), Zuni
serpentine, turquoise, coral
1" high x 2.25" wide x .5" deep

"Old Man" Halate was a Zuni legend. He would wander the Pueblo, seemingly in another world. He rarely spoke. He expressed himself through his carving. Leonard Halate lived in another time and his carvings are a reflection of that time.

Leonard was a farmer who raised sheep & cattle. He began carving fetishes in the 1960's, and continued for 30 years until he had to stop in the late 90's because of heart problems.

Leonard carved in a very unique style which could best be described as folk art. Because he was partially blind, his carvings had a primitive nature, characterized by whimsy, humor and an altered sense of balance. 


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