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Two Grey Hills Tapestry by Darley Yazzie, Navajo

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Extremely Fine Two Grey Hills Tapestry
by Darley Yazzie, Navajo
sheep's wool, natural pigments
35" long x 22" wide

Provenance: Originally purchased at Golding's Monument Valley Trading Post in 1990

Two Grey Hills style rugs began to develop around 1910-1915 and are named for the Two Grey Hills trading post in Northwestern New Mexico. They are characterized by intricate geometric designs with four-fold symmetry, woven with hand spun natural (undyed) wool that has been very finely spun.

The blending of the natural brown, grey, white and black wool created a pleasing palette, and because the traders paid more for quality, the designs and weaving became finer and more intricate. The Two Grey Hills area was famous for creating the “Tapestry” quality weaving, sometimes with over 80 weft threads to the inch.