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Standing Tall (Heron), Silkscreen by Erik Hudson, Tsimshian Nation

Standing Tall (Heron), Silkscreen by Erik Hudson, Tsimshian Nation

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Standing Tall (Heron), 2018, Erik Hudson, Tsimshian Nation, silkscreen, edition of 125, 21.75" high x 14.5" wide

The heron is a messenger of wisdom, ambiguously living between the earth, water, and sky realms. He holds one leg upright, maintaining a balance, becoming known as a present moment icon. Instead of disturbing the peace, the heron patiently waits, knowing that opportunity will arise. The heron brings tranquility and resourcefulness and reminds us that we are independently important to our surrounding environment.

Erik Hudson was born in Seattle, Washington in 1993, and moved to Metlakatla, Alaska at one year old where he was surrounded by a traditionally rich native culture. He attended Metlakatla

High School earning an award of excellence for outstanding flat design and drawing under the teaching of his grandfather, well renowned artist, Jack Hudson. Erik also spent a year of apprenticeship with his father John Hudson III who took over the program following Jack’s retirement. Erik attributes these two years of artistic training as being the “seeds of his growth.”

In 2009 and 2010 Erik attended the Journey in Creativity art camp at The Oregon College of Arts and Crafts (OCAC), which later led him to a group exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

“It was wonderful being able to collaborate with people from such varying backgrounds. Many of the students were from tribes all across Oregon, but we also had students from as far as England and New Zealand who were apart of the two-week program.” Erik Hudson

In addition to the exhibit at The Museum of the American Indian, Erik has showed his work in several galleries in both Oregon and Alaska. Having lived between two vastly di erent

cultures, Erik finds his inspiration by looking for certainty in the fluidity of life, and within his art we can see techniques from both contemporary and traditional influences.