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Silverklang (Sound of Silver) Brooch, 1966, Uni David-Anderson, Norway

Silverklang (Sound of Silver) Brooch, 1966, Uni David-Anderson, Norway

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Silverklang (Sound of Silver) Brooch, 1966
part of the The Silver Series
by Uni David-Anderson (b. 1933)
sterling silver, enamel
1" tall x 2.25"wide
Mint condition

Uni David-Anderson is the fourth generation co-owner of David-Anderson, a family run jewelry company founded in Oslo, Norway in 1876. A jewelry maker herself, she took the company into a dynamic new direction by marrying modernist silver design with enamel. 

The Silver Series

The idea of the Silver Series collection of 1966 was a radical new-shaping of the traditional Norwegian enamel jewelry. Enamel jewelry traditionally had enamel all over the surface, making the silver work almost like a canvas of a painting. In these new designs the enamel was made to co-operate with the forms of the shiny metall in a more obvious way, giving the silver a prominent place in the designs.

The series consisted of 15 pieces of jewelry designed by three designers. Bjørn Sigurd Østern supervised the work and made most of the pieces. The other designers were Uni David-Andersen and Mariannne Berg.

The jewelry was made in different colors of enamel, using patterns in the silver under the enamel to add to the design. Some of the pieces by Marianne Berg were made in sterling silver without enamel, using patinated/oxidized surfaces to give variation in the louster.

The pieces of 'The Silver Series' have clean modernistic and geometric shapes, at the same time recalling old symbols from the Norse Sagas, such as the hammer of Thor, the god of war and thunder, and the romantic ideas of old treasures connected to folklore and the Trolls.