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Raven Looking to the Sky by Cooper Wilson, Haida Nation

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Raven Looking to the Sky, Cooper Wilson, Haida Nation, hand carved argillite, abalone inlay, 4" high x 1.75" wide x 2.5" deep

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“I started carving when I was 17. Some of the other artist got me carving. I used to sell pieces for several artists like Donald Edgars, Fred Davis, Martin Williams, John and Harold Yeltatzie, and Richard and Louis Widen. They all helped me to get started carving. I prefer to carve argillite, but I love to carve ivory as well. I carved a large walrus tusk with many killer whale and ravens intetwined on it. It has deer atlers supporting it on a large argillite base with many carved killer whale figures on the base. I also carve wood, gold, silver and copper. I’ve done six limited edition silk screen prints  a Wolf, a pregnant Raven, a killer whale with a raven, a bear, a double eagle frog drum design, and a young eagle. I have also done some desings for  some button blankets . I do a lot of Raven sculptures and Killer Whales because these are my clan crests. I belong to the Kun Laanas clan from White Creek.” - Cooper Wilson