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Passages, Silkscreen Print by David Boxley, Alaskan Tsimshian

Passages, Silkscreen Print by David Boxley, Alaskan Tsimshian

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Passages, 2012, David A. Boxley and David Robert Boxley, Alaskan Tsimshian, 19" x 17" paper size, printer's proof, commemorative serigraph designed exclusively for Quintana Galleries 40th anniversary exhibition.

As a young carver or weaver learns from watching their elders and absorbing the skills and rites associated with their craft, likewise a family business is about the inheritance of values and vision. These two worlds dovetail at Quintana Galleries. Passages is about that shared honor, pride, and expectation- the mantle of the family name and all that it has represented- and the expression of carrying the gift of that mantle forward.

This design perfectly speaks directly to the spirit of this exhibition, depicting David Boxley as the central figure between his two sons Zach and David Robert depicted as salmon. These salmon represent the next generation of tradition keepers and the cycle of passed knowledge

David Boxley was born in 1952 in the Alaskan village of Metlakatla. A member of the Eagle Clan of the Tsimshian tribe, David was raised by his grandparents and took classes with master carver Jack Hudson in 1979, when he decided to devote himself to the study of traditional Tsimshian carving. Prior to his career as an artist, David graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Seattle Pacific University and worked as a teacher and coach. In 1986, after years researching and learning his cultural heritage, David decided to dedicate himself to carving full-time.

David is particularly known for his totem poles, as he has carved from fifty-eight over the course of his career. He is credited with bringing about a revival of Tsimshian culture, having taught and demonstrated in museums and institutions internationally. David is also actively involved in reviving traditional cultural activities, such as potlatches, memorials, and ceremonial song and dance.