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Large Pottery Vessel by Frances Concho, Acoma Pueblo

Large Pottery Vessel by Frances Concho, Acoma Pueblo

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Large Pottery Vessel, c. 1980
Frances Concho, Acoma Pueblo
hand coiled clay, natural pigments
13" high x 12.5" diameter

Traditional Acoma pottery is made using a slate-like clay found within the hills surrounding the Pueblo. When fired using traditional methods, this clay allows the potters to form very thin walls, a common and sought after characteristic of Acoma pottery. Decorations are painted on this layer with a brush made of a yucca plant, and the pigments are all natural. Hand coiled pottery is preferred for its collectability.

Frances Concho is a daughter of Jose and Helen Patricio.  She is a wife of Isidore Concho and the mother of Marietta Juanico and Norbert Patricio.  She learned to make pottery from her mother.