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Handmade Silver Beads with Sugalite Inlay by Ray Tracey, Navajo Nation

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Handmade silver beads by Ray Tracey, Navajo Nation. The 


Ray Tracey is internationally known and respected as one of the worlds finest contemporary Native American Jewelers. Born and raised on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, Ray began making jewelry at the age of nine. He has been professionally making jewelry since 1977.Ray’s designs reflect a combination of both inspiration from the richness of his ancestral history and unique ability to envision and design contemporary jewelry.This innovative jewelry is inlaid with vibrant semi-precious stones such as opal, sugilite, lapis, corals and turquoises into sterling silver and 14k gold with strikingly rare asymmetrical patters. His passion, inspired by his past is designing and making jewelry. He is an artist who believes in his work and loves what he does. It is unmistakable!