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By Commission: Hand Carved Cedar Panels by David Boxley, Tsimshian Nation

By Commission: Hand Carved Cedar Panels by David Boxley, Tsimshian Nation

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It is an ancient tradition in coastal cultures that master artists of the community are commissioned to make important works for others. David Boxley carries on this tradition, and has been commissioned to create great works for both private clients and public institutions including the Smithsonian's Museum of the American Indian, The Alaskan Native Heritage Center, Wieden + Kennedy, and the Oregon Health Sciences University.

David is concerned with tradition, quality, and that each piece is a one-of-a-kind, unique work. He makes every effort to produce art that reflects the history, style, and tradition of the Tsimshian Nation.

How to Commission a Panel:

For those interested in a commissioned work, we first discuss dimensions and design wanted. The cost of a hand carved, red or yellow cedar panel is $500 a square foot. Designs include:

The four Tsimshian Clans of Metlakatla, Alaska: Eagle, Raven, Killer Whale and Wolf

Crest figures including Frog, Seal, Salmon, Beaver, Bear, Human, Sun, or Moon

Depictions of legends including Raven and Sky People, The Legend of Ba'oosh, or Raven's Journey. 

Some clients give David the freedom to create, while others are more specific as to what they would like him to make. Once this is determined we can quote a price, and give an accurate timeline. Before a commission can be started, 1/2 down is required.

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