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Diving Seal by Ike Kulowiyi, Yupik

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Diving Seal, 2018
Ike Kulowiyi, Yupik
walrus ivory, fossil ivory base
3" high x 4.75" long x 1.5" deep

Ike was born December 16, 1954.  Ike was born and raised in Savoonga, Alaska, on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea. His parents are Dean and Gloria Kulowiyi.  Gloria, his mother, also carves and is known for her carving of beautiful jewelry pieces.  Ike was taught to carve by his grandfather, Albert Kulowiyi, who was best known for carving Siberian pipes.    Ike’s brother Dean Jr. is also an accomplished carver; they spend a good part of their summer digging for old ivory on Savoonga.

Ike specializes in carving ivory Eskimo faces and whales.  He also participates in whale and walrus hunts.  Ike is married with children and now has several grandchildren; he still lives in Savoonga, Alaska.  His carvings are made with ivory, bone, skins, baleen and sometimes wood; they depict the history of the St. Lawrence Island Yupik people.