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Costa Rican Stone Figure of Warrior, c. 1000-1500 A.D.

Costa Rican Stone Figure of Warrior, c. 1000-1500 A.D.

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Costa Rican Stone Figure of Warrior, c. 1000-1500 A.D.
Costa Rica, Atlantic Watershed
volcanic stone, custom plexiglass stand
24.5" high x 13" wide x 6" deep
26.5" high x 13" wide x 9" deep with base

As a result of a change in ritual activity, independent figural sculpture such as this, gained prominence in the Atlantic Watershed region of Costa Rica during 1000 B.C.-500A.D.

This stone figure represented the end of a long and violent cycle considered essential to securing fertility of the land and of human beings. Human sacrifice began with prisoners taken in battle, often waged expressly for that purpose. This statue shows the noble warrior holding the head of his defeated opponent in one hand, and an axe in the other. His stance is defiant and proud, a symbol of his dominance on the battlefield. He is wearing an ornate woven belt and headband.

One of the most important aspects of this sculpture is the circular hole in the abdominal area, which is unusual to find in the large stone sculpture, though often found in small shamanic ornamentation. Though it is not exactly known what this circle represents, it is thought to symbolize the shamans ability to travel through spiritual worlds. Because of this addition, the sculpture may represent a shaman, rather than a warrior.

condition: Restoration in the left arm for stability, missing lower right leg. Overall excellent condition. 

Provenance: Private California collector.