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Angalkuq (Shaman) Sees: Traveling with Owl by Moonlight by Terresa White, Yup'ik

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Angalkuq (Shaman) Sees: Traveling with Owl by Moonlight, 2020
by Terresa White, Yup'ik 
ceramic, pigment
9" x 5" x 2" 

Terresa “Michuar” White is a sculptor working in clay, bronze and silver. She is Yup’ik Eskimo and French Canadian, born in the Kuskokwim River region near what is today the Alaskan village of Bethel.

Her “Granny” Clara impressed upon Terresa, her brother, and their cousins, traditional Yup’ik values in the untraditional setting of rural Oregon.  She was taught at an early age the importance of family ties and ancestry, of sharing food and work, of listening to children and elders, of showing respect to all whether human or animal.

Inspired by the art of the traditional Yup’ik mask making and arctic sculpture, Yup’ik stories of transformation between animal and human, and Northwest Coast and First Nation design, Terresa works with a locally mixed earthenware clay to create her masks and sculptures. The work is contemporary, exploring traditional themes and their interplay. The faces of her masks, and the gestures of her figures, emerge from her own memories, and those passed on to her by her ancestors.

“They are shadowy, and I sense them dimly until the appear, recognizable at last, in my clay works. My work transforms me, brings me closer to ways of knowing, and to the Alaskan village life I left as a young woman.”