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Snow Owl Spirit Mask by Bryan Amos, Cup'ig

Snow Owl Spirit Mask by Bryan Amos, Cup'ig

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Snow Owl Spirit Mask, 2023
by Bryan Amos, Cup’ig Culture
wood, pigment
21” high x 21” wide x 4” deep

This hoop mask demonstrates the tradition of mask-making on the Nunivak Island off the coast of Alaska, where the Cup’ig sub-dialect of the Yup’ik language is spoken.  Masks such as this one are danced in ceremonies to ask the spirits of animals to continue to feed the human community.

The ring encircling the central mask represents a “spiritual universe” or ellanguaq where animal spirit beings dwell, in this case a snow owl.  The stylized appendages in the encircling ring represent the appendages of the spirit animal, as well as other animal helpers, in this case a whale and two Arctic hare.

These masks were carved by men or women, but mostly by men.  They range in size from small finger masks or maskettes to large masks hung from the ceiling or carried by several people.  They are used to bring the person wearing it luck and good fortune in hunts.  They are also worn during the long winter darkness dances and during storytelling. 

Bryon Amos Artist Statement

“My father was Walter Amos (1920-2002). He was a driftwood mask maker, ivory mask maker, harpoon maker, and boat builder. My mother was Nona Amos (1926-2003). She was a basket weaver and created traditional regalia out of fur and sealskin, such as mukluks and seal gut parkas.

I create art in honor of my father and mother.

I was born on Nunivak Island in Mekoryuk, Alaska. I have been a driftwood mask and figure maker, and walrus ivory and stone carver for over 45 years.” - Bryon Amos, 2023

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