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Woman in Amouti (Parka) by Edwin Nunguk, Siberian Yupik

Woman in Amouti (Parka) by Edwin Nunguk, Siberian Yupik

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Woman in Amouti (Parka), 2018
Edwin Nunguk, Siberian Yupik
whalebone, walrus ivory carved head
12" high x 3" wide x 1.5" deep
*includes custom made stand

Edwin Nunguk was born July 29, 1975 in Savoonga St. Lawrence Island, Alaska.  He was inspired to carve by Ron Apangalook, his cousin, and Alexander Akeya, an elder in the village.  He enjoys bone and ivory carving, especially long necked cormorants, walking textured polar bears, and spirit figures.  Edwin is a very versatile carver.  He says the subject of his carving depends upon his mood.  He has attempted larger carvings for money value and posterity value as well. 

Edwin is a subsistence hunter and has harpooned a whale himself- quite a feat at his young age.  Edwin was raised in the traditional village of Savoongs, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska but also currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska.