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Tufa Cast Traditional Silver Cuff by Al Joe, Navajo

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Tufa Cast Traditional Cuff 
by Al Joe, Navajo
Sterling Silver
6" around x 1" gap x  1.75" wide

Best known for his traditional designs and intricate techniques, Alfred Joe was born the eldest son of Rose Ann and Robert Joe in Winslow, Arizona. He learned the basics of jewelry making from his Uncle Colbert Joe, Sr. Al has worked with many prominent silversmiths, who in turn worked for him at the store he opened Little Squash, in Winslow, AZ during the 1970s. In 1979, Joe closed his store to give himself the freedom to concentrate on just his own jewelry. 

Al considers his work both traditional and contemporary, with an emphasis on traditional designs that have an elegance that carries over into the modern day. He has mastered a variety of techniques, such as hollow forming, tufa casting, overlay and raising metal. He enjoys working with natural turquoise stones from the famous older mines, but also uses lapis, coral and other stones. 

Al's double-sided pendants are prized because of the magnificent stones he uses, each side with a different stone and different design. His striking silver and gold beads stand out from others with the innovative rail design he creates by placing strips of metal between the two halves of the beads. His signature rug design bracelets get their dramatic design from an overlay of silver dust he uses to provide texture and contrast. 

His work has won numerous awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market, Gallup Intertribal Indian Ceremonial, Eight Northern Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show and the Navajo Market Place at the Museum of Northern Arizona. Alfred Joe was named the Indian Arts and Crafts Association Artist of the Year for 2001, a well-deserved honor.