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Hand Hammered Silver Cuff with Royston Turquoise by Pete Johnson, Navajo

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Hand Hammered Cuff 
by Peter Johnson, Navajo
High Grade Royston Turquoise, Sterling Silver
5.75" around x 1" gap x  1.25" wide

Pete Johnson grew up in Forest Lake, Arizona in the middle of the Navajo Reservation. He was one of ten children and his mother supported them entirely by weaving Navajo Rugs.

When he was young, Pete met Thomas Curtis, who adopted him as a son and taught Pete, and his daughter Jennifer, how to do silversmithing. Pete’s other mentor was another great Navajo silversmith, Al Joe.

Pete puts so much care into all his pieces and has such a variety of styles and techniques he uses in the construction of his pieces. He strives to maintain the traditions of Navajo jewelry construction, while creating pieces that look quite modern.