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Nesting Loons, 1992 by Etulu Etidlui (1946-2019), Inuit

Nesting Loons, 1992 by Etulu Etidlui (1946-2019), Inuit

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Nesting Loons, 1992
by Etulu Etidlui (1946-2019), Inuit
Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada
2.5" h x 12" w x 9" d

Etulu Etidloie was born in Cape Dorset (Kinngait), Nunavut in 1946. Etulu is the son of the late Cape Dorset graphic artists Etidloie Etidloie (1911-1981) and Kingmeata (1915-1989).

Etidloie started carving in his early twenties. He learned the art form by watching his father carve. His brother Kelly Etidloie and his son Isacci Etildoie are both innovative carvers with many acclaimed sculptures. Etidloie is best known for his sculptures of loons, but has carved dancing bears, along with many different types of birds and wolves. When starting each carving, the shape of the stone dictated what he would carve. He would rotate the piece of stone until the form suggested a subject.

As well as being an accomplished carver, Etidloie traveled across the arctic as a singer of traditional Inuit folk music. His artistic exploration of drum dancing and singing, naturally sprung from familial pride, and the influence of countless stories he heard growing up.

Etidloie’s works have been exhibited in Canada, Germany and the United States, and can be found in the permanent collections of The Art Gallery of Ontario, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Winnipeg Art Gallery.


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