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Rare Print Collection: Raven by Jack Hudson, Tsimshian Nation

Rare Print Collection: Raven by Jack Hudson, Tsimshian Nation

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Raven created by master carver Jack Hudson, Tsimshian Nation from Metlakatla, Alaska. Silkscreen is printed on arches paper, and measures 23" x 22" paper size. This is a rare print by this important artist.

John (Jack) Hudson comes from the “Gitnachangeek” tribe of the Coastal Tsimshian Indians, from British Columbia, Canada, and is a member of the wolf clan.  Hudson was born in Metlakatla, Alaska in 1936; a direct descendant of John and Mary Hudson, who were among the earliest pioneers of Metlakatla, when in 1887 a large group of Tsimshian Indians left British Columbia and settled at “New Metlakatla” in Southeast Alaska. 

Hudson has been artistic and creative since grade school, but was not really exposed to Northwest Coast Indian art until 1965.  At that time his artistic career began in earnest.  Hudson has devoted his life to researching the art and culture of the Tsimshian, in an effort to revive much of a lost artistic legacy.  Since then, Hudson has become an accomplished wood carver, silver engraver, and master of the Coastal Tsimshian art form.  With the same intensity that Hudson works in the traditional mediums, he is working with prints to depict  Coastal Tsimshian art and its legends. 

Hudson has been working diligently to forward the art and knowledge of Tsimshian culture. In 1974, he started teaching Northern Northwest Coast Indian Art full time at Metlakatla High School, and taught continuously until his retirement in 2014. There the students not only learned two dimensional or flat design and carving, each student is taught to make his own carving tools. Beyond the art form, Jack taught the students to embrace their traditions and culture, and carrying it forward to the next generation. 

The influence of his work is reflected by its presence in numerous public and private collections both in the states and internationally, as well as the numerous works created by his apprentices over the past 40 years.