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Salmon Run Bracelet by Ed Archie Noisecat, Shuswap and Stlitlimx

Salmon Run Bracelet by Ed Archie Noisecat, Shuswap and Stlitlimx

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Salmon Run Link Bracelet
by Ed Archie Noisecat, Shuswap and Stlitlimx
brushed sterling silver, garnet inset eyes
7.5" around x 1" wide

Contemporary sculptor, jeweler and graphic artist, Ed Archie NoiseCat draws on the stories of his ancestors to create innovative images executed with extraordinary craftsmanship. He grew up in British Columbia’s remote, mountainous interior with his mother’s people, the Canim Lake Band of Shuswap Indians. He draws inspiration from his mother’s plateau culture, and from his father’s people, the Stlitlimx, closer to the coast.

NoiseCat graduated from the prestigious Emily Carr College of Art and Design, where he studied printmaking. When he returned to the West Coast, to live in Oakland, California. His work evokes the rich history of Northwest Coast Native America. It builds on the region’s tradition of great carvers, past and present. Yet it has a style, intensity and exacting level of craftsmanship all its own.

NoiseCat loves to work on a grand scale. He took the top prize at Portland’s first annual Indian Art Northwest with a free standing, six-foot square carver cedar screen. He won  a major Midwest public art commission with a four-foot high portrait mask honoring Little Crow, one of the region’s great chiefs. He also works on a smaller scale, carving masks, rattles, panels, puppets and more. Many pieces incorporate transformational elements.

Noisecat also specializes in sculptural jewelry in silver, gold and semi precious stones; and art furniture that joins the structural forms of the Northwest longhouse with traditional Japanese woodworking techniques. Currently Ed resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico