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Tlingit Tourist Raven Bowl, 1964

Tlingit Tourist Raven Bowl, 1964

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Tlingit Tourist Raven Bowl, 1964
cast from original carving by Amos Wallace (1920-2004)
cast resin
5" x 11" x 7.5"
*original information card included.

Reproduction made by Griffin's Alaska Wholesale. Cast from an original Amos Wallace carving dated 1964. Amos Louis Wallace, Jeet Yaaw Dustaa (1920-2004), Tlingit. 

The Haida and the Tlingit were both deeply impacted and influenced by the growing Euro-American fur trade starting as early as the 1700s. These groups recognized the new market these visitors created and began to develop and adapt art to sell. As the fur trade declined, new visitors began to arrive in the Northwest Coast, including government officials, anthropologists, and tourists, and the tourist market expanded to meet these new tastes.