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Fossil Ivory Raven Bracelet by Terrance Campbell, Tahltan Nation

Fossil Ivory Raven Bracelet by Terrance Campbell, Tahltan Nation

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Raven Bracelet with hand carved interior design of Eagle, Terrance Campbell, Tahltan and Tlingit Nation, 6" around with a 1" opening x 1.25" wide

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Terrence Campbell was born in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Terrence is of Tahltan-Tlingit ancestry and he is a member of the Wolf Clan. His parents and family are from Telegraph Creek, a small village which is nestled on the Stikine River, situated in Northwest British Columbia. (The Tlingit originate in Southeast Alaska) 

Terrence tries to visit at least a couple of times a year, where he enjoys visiting with relatives and listening to the stories of the elders. 

In July 1982, Terrence, his sister Dale and Alvin Adkins carved a thirty foot (nine meter) totem pole wich was raised in the traditional manner in front of the carving longhouse, adjacent to the Museum of Northern BC, in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The pole-raising ceremony included dancing by the artists and a feast for the spectators. 

In May of 1991, Terrence and his sister Dale took part in the official launch of Festival Canada '91' in Hong Kong. Then Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, made the presentation of a 'Killer Whale Totem Pole'. It was given to the people of Hong Kong as a symbol of enduring friendship between Canada and the Territory. Dale designed the 31 foot, three-ton totem and along with Terrence, carved the pole. They also carved a smaller totem pole during public exhibitions throughout the Festival at a number locations around Hong Kong. The official raising of the 'Killer Whale Totem' took place in Kowloon Park on July 1st, 1991, Canada Day. Terrence, Dale and a dance group from their home participated in the traditonal pole-raising ceremony, with singing and dancing in regalia around the pole. 

Terrence's work been featured in galleries in Vancouver, British Columbia. He featured two silver and turquiose bracelets in the Spirit Wrestler Exhibition called Fusion in 1999. His work has also been illustrated in the publication 'Fusion: Tradition and Discoveries.' Terrence exhibited the two elements of Northwest Coast Art and Navajo Art. 

Terrence's carvings include masks, bowls and spoons. His craftsmanship extends to fine works of jewellry; gold and silver rings, bracelets, earrings, pins, cufflinks, and custom pieces deeply etched and beautifully designed. Recently, he has been carving jewellery using the metal, platnum. His silk screened prints and custom clothing designs display a unique style which he has refind through years of experience.