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Kokopelli Kachina by David Jensen, Hopi

Kokopelli Kachina by David Jensen, Hopi

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Kokopelli Kachina
by David Jensen, Hopi Pueblo
cottonwood, pigment

10.25” high x 4” wide x 4” deep

Kokopelli is the humpbacked flute player in the Mixed Dances. He is considered the god of mist, a seducer of women, a baby maker, and a good luck omen for hunters. Kokopelli is found in all of the Pueblo cultures of the Southwest. It is thought that his hump might just represent a bag of gifts that he uses to seduce the women.

Hopi carver, David Jensen was born in Tuba City in March 1972. He is of the Paaqapwungwa clan (Reed/Bamboo). Raised in Tuba City, he graduated from Tuba City High School in 1990.

David was inspired by his close friend Reggie Curry to begin carving in 1995. “I thought I’d give it a try. He got me motivated by telling me “you never know, you might get good at it”. I sold my first piece which was a Shalako to my uncle Cecil Calnimptewa at his gallery for $125.00.”

“I would sit and carve with fellow carver brothers, Arnold and Arthur Holmes Jr. I would occasionally go out to Cecil’s ranch and carve with him. I learned a lot from my relatives, Cecil, Stetson Honyumptewa, Dennis Tewa, Ros George, Alfred Lomaquahu and Ronald Honyouti by studying their work and getting a lot of words of encouragement.

I’ve been carving since 1995. We carvers like to say the wood talks to you and let’s itself take shape. Once we complete a doll, we always know that they are going to good homes. Every doll is always a challenge to make. I enjoy doing the animal kachinas, especially the deer." - David Jensen