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Salmon Pendant by D'Arcy Basil, Coast Salish

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Salmon Pendant
by D'Arcy Basil, Coast Salish 
3" long x 1" wide
sterling silver

As a young boy, Coast Salish artist D’Arcy Basil moved to Alert Bay where he learned traditional Kwagiulth design and fundamentals at the Namgis Band School. Next door to the school was the community carving shop, where he learned basic carving skills from Beau Dick and Wayne Alfred, and watched these master carvers create technically advanced works of great importance and beauty.

D’Arcy then moved to Victoria where he met Carey Newman. He was greatly influenced by Newman’s work in metal, stone, wood, and printmaking. The decision to pursue carving as a profession began in 2011 when he met Salish master carver Chris Sparrow and his late father Irvin Sparrow in Musqueam. He apprenticed with Chris, and quickly adopted the traditional Coast Salish style, as well developing his own unique design characteristics that define now define his art.