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Large Depression Era Style Necklace, Santo Domingo Pueblo

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Large Depression Era Style Necklace, c. 2000
Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico

Turquoise, abalone, and spondylus shell, strung on hand rolled clam shell heishi, and inlayed onto onyx backing 
28" long, pendants: 2.5" x .5"

Following the 1929 stock market crash and the subsequent Great Depression, spectacularly inventive jewelry crafted from found, repurposed, and plastic materials, appeared for sale from residents of Santo Domingo Pueblo. Santo Domingo (now often referred to as Kewa Pueblo) benefited from its location near both the Santa Fe Railway and the highway for selling these wonderful and, at the time, affordable pieces.

This unique form of personal adornment was, in fact, embraced and beloved by Native Americans—young, old, men and women, from Santo Domingo and beyond. Many examples burst with color, and display brilliant innovation. A side benefit to the incorporation of manufactured materials is that it is quite lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear.