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Walrus, 2003 by Tom Ayeka, Siberian Yup'ik

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Walrus, 2003
by Tom Ayeka, Siberian Yup'ik
St. Lawrence Island, Alaska
walrus ivory
2.5" h x 3" w x 2" d

Tom Akeya is Siberian Yupik born in Savoonga, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska on November 9, 1960. He lives by the patterns of a subsistence lifestyle. He learned carving from his father when he was nine years of age. He started carving because Savoonga had little employment and creating artwork is a way to provide food for his family.

He began making artwork by helping his father with his projects until one day he wanted to create his own. Tom wants to keep his artwork style unique. He is interested in carving animals, shaman heads, masks, snow goggles, and tundra turtles.