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Hemis Kachina by Thomas Fredericks, Hopi

Hemis Kachina by Thomas Fredericks, Hopi

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Hemis Kachina
by Thomas Fredericks, Hopi Pueblo
cottonwood, pigment
10.5” tall x 4” wide x 3.25" deep

Hemis Kachina appears at the Home-Going (Niman) ceremony in late summer. He is originally from Jemez Pueblo, where he is an important figure in bringing rain prior to harvest. He is the Kachina who brings the grown corn to the people, ensuring a good harvest. Thomas also included other kachina carvings around the base including Snow Maiden.

Thomas Fredericks has been carving since the mid 1980s. He is from Kykotsmovi (Third Mesa, AZ). Tom is the son of Hopi master carver John Fredericks, and has become an outstanding carver, like his father. While Tom usually carves full-figured Katsinam, he likes to carve sculpture style dolls, when the wood lends itself to a sculpture carving. He states that he likes the natural curvature of the cottonwood root and he tries to use that to capture the motion of the Katsinam at the ceremonies. Tom is a wonderful young Hopi man with a very soft touch with his carving and his painting. He is one of the few carvers that has an almost pastel color to his finished pieces.