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Hemis Kachina by Dominic East, Hopi

Hemis Kachina by Dominic East, Hopi

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Hemis Kachina
by Dominic East, Hopi
cottonwood, pigment
16.5" x 6" x 4"

Hemis Kachina appears at the Home-Going (Niman) ceremony in late summer. He is originally from Jemez Pueblo, where he is an important figure in bringing rain prior to harvest. He is the Kachina who brings the grown corn to the people, ensuring a good harvest. Depicted in this carving are other flat kachina carvings around the base representing Snow Maiden, Kachina Mana, and Rain Kachina.

Dominic East (b. 1990 ) from Walpi Village, First Mesa, AZ. Born to the Corn Clan. Grandson of Tino Youvella. Dominic has been carving since he was 15 years old. He began with old style or flat Katsinam and has moved to full-figures and sculptures as well as paintings and drawings. Dominic tells us he learned by watching his grandfather and uncles Preston Youvella, Darrell Youvella, Alex Youvella and his step father Randy David. "I carve for the art of it. I carve to become better by looking at all aspects of the art for the good feeling I get from the Katsina dolls and their spirits."